About Us

Kirk Membry - Moss Creek MediaKirk Membry is a design and multimedia expert with over 18 years of web design experience including Fortune 500’s such as Dell, IBM, Viacom and Panasonic. Combining his web design skills with his photography expertise, he created Moss Creek Media, a photography company that specializes in 360 degree panoramics and virtual tours for the hospitality and tourism industry.

Moss Creek Media, founded in 2009, brings the world to your doorstep through vivid 360 degree Panoramic Photographs, Architectural Photography and Virtual Tours of your home, property, or business.

Owner Kirk Membry was inspired to become a photographer because of his interest in the intersection of technology and art. With a BA in Graphic Design from Rutgers University in NJ and long experience in the tech world through work at a vast array of Fortune 500 companies, a move to merge his passion for art with his passion for tech was a natural fit.

Each panoramic photograph is taken with artistry and precision, then molded into a fully interactive photograph that brings the viewer into the heart of your business through the web. Attention and care are given to ensuring a seamless experience for those visiting your web site.